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Delivery Expectation


1. Surveying Delivery Space:

  • Assess the available delivery space allotted for the delivery truck. In many times our expectations of what the trucks capabilities are might not be the same. We can help be the judge. 

  • Submitting sending videos and pictures to facilitate judgment is recommended. If you have an address we can also take a look on Google Maps. 

2. Backup Plan:

  • Have a backup plan in place, such as using a crane, tractor, or other machinery if there are doubts about the delivery process to avoid any dry runs. Depending on where you are there may be a delivery dry run fee if customer is at fault. 

3. Soil Conditions:

  • Consider soil conditions as they can impact the delivery and placement of the container. Consider weather events, sand, mud, snow, etc.

4. Working Space:

  • Ensure sufficient working space, especially for a 40' container, where at least 100' is needed for proper delivery unless a lift is available. For 20’ containers we generally need 35’ with our smaller rig, but we will do what we can to accommodate. We are always seeking self improvement and knowing our capabilities. Every situation is different. 

5. Preparation Before Delivery:

  • Complete preparation for the conex before the delivery truck arrives. Purchase and deliver grounding property before container arrives. We recommend placing on rail road ties, gravel, block, brick, cement, or wood. The simplest and most cost effective are (2) rail road ties, one in the front, one in the back. 

6. Uneven Land Considerations:

  • If placing the container on uneven land, be aware that it might affect door functionality. Have shims, blocks, bricks, or wood available to level the container.

7. Obstruction Removal:

  • Remove any obstructions such as trees, limbs, power lines, etc., to facilitate smooth delivery.

8. Property Drainage and Gravel:

  • Ensure proper property drainage and the presence of gravel. Any standing water under your container can cause condensation inside. 

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