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Project Cargo


Leasing Shipping Containers:

  • Conex Hub provides leasing services for shipping containers.

  • Containers are available for one-way transportation

International and Domestic Transportation:

  • We cover both international shipping (from one country to another) and domestic transportation within the United States.

Target Industries:

  • Our focus is on serving industries with specific project cargo needs.

  • Industries mentioned include renewable energy, power plants, aerospace, engineering, military and defense, and petrochemical fields.

Project Cargo:

  • The term "project cargo" implies the transportation of large, heavy, or complex items related to specific projects.

  • This can involve handling specialized cargo for industries involved in various projects, such as the construction of power plants, renewable energy installations, aerospace projects, etc.

Tailored Solutions:

  • Our company provides customized and specialized solutions to meet the unique requirements of each industry and project.

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