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Container Ship



Welcome to CONEX HUB, where we offer the perfect leasing solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. Our comprehensive range of leasing packages includes:

Master Lease Agreement (MLA):

Offering flexibility with customer-defined site availability, this option is ideal for short-term and seasonal requirements, ensuring a solution that aligns seamlessly with your unique needs.

Lease Purchase (LP): 

With fixed durations, LP provides the opportunity for customers to take ownership of containers after the lease period, following the payment of outstanding rental payments. A pathway to ownership tailored to your convenience.

Long Term Lease (LTL):

Tailored for stability, LTL provides fixed durations with customer-defined site availability. Choose between a contract extension option or the convenience of container return after the agreed duration—a perfect fit for expanding markets.

One Way Lease (OWL):

Offering flexible durations with leasing days quota at no extra cost, OWL provides the freedom of flexible positioning by the customer. With a predefined location for container return, it's an ideal choice for those with dynamic and regional needs.

At Conex Hub, Inc, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our leasing options are designed to provide the right solution for everyone, ensuring that your specific requirements are not just met, but exceeded. Experience convenience, flexibility, and reliability with our leasing packages. Your leasing journey begins with us!

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