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Find Your Perfect Container with CONEX HUB


Our Company

Our team understands you have many choices when shopping the right storage container, but I ask you look no further. We are large enough to fulfill nearly any order, but small enough to take special care in delivering your container. As you’re moving through life, we are here to move with you. We are here to provide containers for rent or for sale. 20’, 40’ shipping containers are the most common sizes and readily available, but we also cater to special projects. Our team can create the perfect hvac office, refrigerated unit, work shop, kitchen, vending booth, demo booth, or what ever else your Vision is. Our nationwide network of inventory and dedicated team can be to your property with the right container within 7-10 business days. We have containers available in nearly every major city across the United States. 



Our Containers

There are many reasons a metal storage container makes more sense than a traditional wood shed. Here are some of the reasons we have come up with. Storage containers are able to be easily moved when you move. They are durable. In some cases we are able to move your storage container with some things inside locally (weight restrictions apply), metal shipping containers will last longer than a traditional wood shed, and COST (typically lower cost and more space). Our ISO storage containers can be modified to suite your needs for offices, portable storage with side doors, vending structures, outdoor seating areas, and customizable with your ideas.




Just as the title says, these units are “As-is” they can possibly have damage, severe wear and tear, doors may not be operable, etc. 


wind and water tight containers 

Don’t be deceived! Wind and water tight units are some of the worst units on the market… These are the next step up from as is. Again doors might be hard to open, more surface rust, possibly 30% or more on container. These units do not meet the shipping requirements to be shipped overseas. Many of them will have many repairs, and patches done. Sides may bow out. Possible bad smells, many floor patches. Understand these are very cheap due to how much they have been used. If you are going to be using it as a project, or don’t care about its condition this might be the best option for you. 


Cargo worthy Containers

Criteria that indicates it is a second hand used container that is still suitable to ship cargo. Doors open and close, less dents, less repairs, newer typically 10 to 20 years old. 

Container_One Trip_Standard-01.webp

New One Trip 

Manufactured then shipped one time with cargo inside, and sometimes with no cargo inside. Our expectations are going to be a lot closer together when in comes to what you are getting. Very few, or no dents, very few scraps and scratches. Generally these have the best colors i.e. beige, gray, white, black, camoflauge, etc. 


Quick Quote

Conex Hub has a variety of container options, guaranteed to meet your needs.

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The owner, Michael, is literally the best in the business. I’ve been doing business with him for the past five years. Every single time he showed up on time — typically 15 minutes before. He’s professional, he thoroughly explains his process...and is sure you have an appropriate understanding what’s going to happen. He also provides a detailed written estimate of what the cost will be. Would I recommend this company? Absolutely.

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