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We go where others won't and do what others can't! We provide secure portable storage for residential and commercial customers. We sell, lease, move, and modify shipping containers. We primarily serve the Southern California, and Western Arizona areas with our own company owned trucks, but we sell nationwide! Please allow my team to serve you with great service! 




Order container

Available for rent or purchase. Add windows, doors, vents, and paint. Provide any special delivery instructions.


Container delivery

We deliver to the Southern California region, and western Arizona with our own trucks but sell nationally to our partners.


There are many reasons a metal storage container makes more sense than a traditional wood shed. Here are some of the reasons we have come up with. Storage containers are able to be easily moved when you move. They are durable. In some cases we are able to move your storage container with some things inside locally (weight restrictions apply), metal shipping containers will last longer than a traditional wood shed, and COST (typically lower cost and more space). Our ISO storage containers can be modified to suite your needs for offices, portable storage with side doors, vending structures, outdoor seating areas, and customizable with your ideas.                                                    RENT - BUY - RELOCATE - MODIFY 


Containers that have been damaged during shipment. These units are not wind and waterproofed. Perfect if you want security and aren't concerned about structural damage.

As-Is Containers


Inspected and approved to be used in international maritime shipping. Newer units from 2006 and later. No holes, minimal defects. Guaranteed for up to three years free of leaks.

Cargo-worthy Containers


Containers shipped with a single cargo load. Once at its destination, they are often available for sale. Best quality units available on the market; nearly brand-new. Equipped with high handles for easier opening and lock boxes for added security.

One-trip Containers



The owner, Michael, is literally the best in the business. I’ve been doing business with him for the past five years. Every single time he showed up on time — typically 15 minutes before. He’s professional, he thoroughly explains his process...and is sure you have an appropriate understanding what’s going to happen. He also provides a detailed written estimate of what the cost will be. Would I recommend this company? Absolutely.


I usually don't do reviews but I spent so much time trying to get someone to move my 48-foot container and couldn't find anyone... What you'll find is (that) most people claiming to sell or move containers (are really) only middlemen selling someone else's containers that the other company then delivers..... Honestly, don't waste your time. (Michael) is the real deal — not only can he sell you any container you need, he can also deliver it! Even if it's 48-feet! (His) excellent, professional service and great pricing is why I won't order a container from anyone else!


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